Darkwave/electroclash/post punk/punk/noise
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The Nurse was a Japanese punk band from Tokyo active in the mid 80s and sooooo good! 

ナース- The Nurse

From their album ナース, released by Incest Records in 1982.



which doctor- s.b.s.m.

super demo

tape recorded in the gay hell (the basement)

we’ll be really recording soon

a fuzzy tape recording of a song about the medical industrial complex, how it makes us need it to survive but it kills us, betrayal and medicine, disconnect, the particular sting of women professionals/capitalist doctors who are economically tied to pharmaceutical companies who tell us our bodies are not our own

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'EvrxbdxLvsaGdMxstrx” by The Scissor Girls

From the album From: The Scissor Girls To: The Imaginary Layer on Skeletons, released by Quinnah Records/Making of Americans in 1994.

Girls Get Busy’s Song of the Week



Margy Pepper are Ruth, Nora and Erica: 3 people. Olympia, WA.
“Heavier than before.There is light in the summer and water in our mouths.”

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Maybe we can do a phone interview ;) cool shit!

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Kim West, Abbey Kerins, Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough and Wendy Farina are San Francisco’s T.I.T.S! “Although the band’s music does not express any overtly feminist message, their unique sound, approach to composition, and visual representations are enough to remind us that women create their own enchanting racket, drawing from a wide range of experiences in music and art including, Death Sentence: Panda!, Towel, Condor, and Crack W.A.R.”- T.I.T.S.’ bandcamp.

Slaughter- T.I.T.S.

From their album The Girls, Self- released? Dec 2011.


Berlin Dark Wave/ Post-Punk band from 1981 to about 1993.

Thrash Me- Malaria!

"…trash me for my pleasure
beyond this world that we despise…”