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Scream Queen Playlist 4/17/13


Double Acting - Tee Vee Pop

Subversive Pleasure - Chalk Circle

Deep End - Morbid Opera

Faustian Bargain - Moral Hex

Us, Weakly - Daisy World

Andrea’s Blud / Neon Plunge - Neon Blud

Stunted - Rape Revenge

Been Here Before - Punch

Cheap Art - Limp Wrist  

Surrogate - No Statik

The Secret Life - New Bloods

Thighs - T.I.T.S.

11 - Stillsuit

Ambrosia - K.I.T.

The V & V Girls - Sleetmute Nightmute

PS I LOVE YOU - Anomaly

Land Of Nod - Permanent Ruin

Knocked Out - In School

Activate - Screaming Queens

Knit-stitch/Crotch Itch - Sick Lipstick

Shot This Time - Talk Normal

Hade - Vita Noctis

Eyes - Coldreams

Peter - U.S. Girls

Causeway - Macho Blush

El Alma De La Estrella - Diseno Corbusier

Chains - Silent Girlfriend

Primeval Memory - Zanna Nera

Bobby Brown - Modern Witch

Dr. Mabuse - Propaganda


I wish that more of our background chatter was actually on air. I get self-conscious about things I say because I don’t know who I’m saying them to, and who’s criticizing me for them, or whatever. I’m gonna be better at that and let it rip next radio show. We talked about our kinks and fantasies, anarchists upholding white middle class values about productivity under the guise of alternative lifestyles, being anxious and queer and not wanting to go outside but wanting to stay relevant, and DJ Royce was finally there so we talked about the upcoming S.B.S.M. record. - DJ Fereshteh

Scream Queens Playlist 4.9.2014

Beyonce - Fox The Boombox

Bubblegum - Hissyfit

Curved Grass - Ragana

Ice Melt - Margy Pepper

My Vampire Side - Silver Shadows

Two Kinds Of Red - Crimson Scarlet

Seams - Lié

Ultimate Grand Supreme - Mansion

Be The Best - No Babies

Organ Grinder - Moira Scar

Mists And Rains - Ruth White

Der Mond - Maria Zerfall

Get Well Soon - Macho Blush

Invisible Physical - Silent Girlfriend 

Carrie - Modern Witch

Dance With Me - Plus Instruments


DJ Maragana and DJ Loco joined DJ Fereshteh to talk shit about shitty landlords and developers trying to evict her from her house. At the end we listened to Blink 182 because that’s all that makes DJF happy these days. DJ Aglossa get it together and show up next week you freak. - DJ Fereshteh


Lost Cherrees, Tortura, Index, The Comes, Trashley, Mugwort, Dark Times, +HIRS+, Ruidosa Inmundicia, Disparate, Rape Revenge, Cacaw, Magic Johnson, Diet Cokeheads, Lucrate Milk, The Scissor Girls, Crash Course in Science, Malaria!, Kebab, Xmal Deutschland, Geneva Jacuzzi, Group Rhoda —- We haven’t been streaming for a couple of weeks. Here’s stuff to listen to while we’re mia. 
: Scream Queens by Aglossa.

Scream Queens Playlist 3.4.2014


Raw Punk Bastard - 穴奴隷

Neon Anxiety - Neon Blud

God food/god shit - +HIRS+

Resiste La Colonizacion! - Tragatelo

Espiritu de Libertad - Criaturas

Bosses - Pig DNA

Never Try Anything New At Least Once A Day - Divorce

Tied-Up In Paper - Aids Wolf

Bird Like Monkey Part 2 - Melt Banana

Disco Biscuit - Lung Leg

Out Of Ruins - K.I.T.

Whites - Sleetmute Nightmute

Value - Mansion

Mrs. Fancy Lady Friend - Death Sentence: Panda!

Best Friends - God Is My Co-Pilot

Dark Rooms - DA!

Aunt Sally - Aunt Sally

No More Ribbon, No More Kitte - Dinah - The Goslings

Adrenalin - Throbbing Gristle

Magician’s Rant//Ossuery Querry//Spilt Potion - Moira Scar

His Gaps - Waxy Tomb

Schwangere Madonna - Maria Zerfall

Synthesize Me - The Space Lady

Downtown - Head/Head

Falling Apart - Astaron

Europe Calls - Storung


Screens - Slouch

Slumlord Sal - Downtown Boys

Rising - Uncanny Valley

Ms. Cisneros - Las Hijas De La Chingada


SHOUT OUT 2 OUR H8RS —- And fuck the “average is beautiful” barbie and the weird white feminism that’s backing it up right now, fuck the dweebs on the mic who make punk unsafe for people of color, queers, survivors, etc.

How do we effectively confront one another?

More MCing shows to prevent the whack shit!

Scream Queens Playlist 2.26.2014

I Am The Mind - Cacaw

Unfit - Ritual Control

What’s up With The Kids - Limp Wrist

Light of The Axe - Displeasure

Wipe The Slate - Dark Times

By Your Side - Crabapple

Dead Rainbow - Dolly Mixture

Sick Inside - Heavy Flow

Bruiserr - Hissyfit

Foxy Walker - Fox The Boombox

Snake Appeal - Gossip

Hand Of My Hand - Sleetmute Nightmute

Cavity Creeps - Death Sentence: Panda!

Cell Phone - Mansion

Garbage Man - Tee Vee Pop

But I’m Not - Cocteau Twins

Der Leiermann - Family Fodder

Doze - Phew

Ache - Pharmakon

Sports - Macho Blush

Nazi Jazz - Maria Zerfall

Spleen - Ruth White

Love Without Sound - Delia Derbyshire

Major Tom - The Space Lady

Only One - Max + Mara

Watch Your Scope! - Portray Heads


We had poetry readings by Oki Sogumi, Jackie Wang, Zoe Addison, and DJ Poopoo Crispies. It felt really nice to get drunk and listen to people who have ways with words. DJ Fereshteh read a little bit too. Nora from Margy Pepper played some dance tunes for us afterwards. We had rice crispies and talked about our feelings and crushes off the airwaves. 

gotta get gay to get what we want

Scream Queens Playlist 2.19.2014


The Empty Page - Sonic Youth

Merry Go Round - Dirt

Be Kind - Livid

Monitors - Fifth Column

Disposable Weathercock - Melt Banana

No Cross No crown - God is My Co-Pilot

Scrunchie - Hissyfit

February 14th - Huggy Bear

Fire/Lion - Margy Pepper

The Same Mistake - Dolly Mixture

Head Is A Hive - Heavy Flow

Enough - Ragana

13 - Stillsuit

Form Vs. - Death Sentence: Panda!

Polyrhythm - Fat Transfer

Owe - Groke

My Fork, Your Flesh - Cacaw

Soft Pyramid - Mutators

Anxiety Song - Negation

War Weather - Macho Blush

Anchors Aweigh - Autonervous

Firething - Gudrun Gut (feat. Anita Lane)

Cobra Movement - Cobra Killer

Hot On The Heels Of Love - Throbbing Gristle

The Sleep Room - Geneva Jacuzzi

Fuego - Malportado Kids

Dirty FIngers - Molly Nilsson


We had a guest DJ spinning a mix of mostly 80s UK post punk, which was really cool. Having a little break from the DJing is actually nice, and we love quest DJs bringing up artists that we haven’t played yet. 

Friends are looking for skate grrlz in the bay to be in their skate video. Message us for more info. 

Scream Queens Playlist 2.12.2014

Das Männlein - Carambolage

Danger - Pylon

Her Story - Ludus

Organismo Micro - Saakred

Push Push Push - Beelzebub Youth

Ring Ring - No Babies

Slumlord Sal - Downtown Boys

Sissy, Dang! - Agatha (request)

Doggie Bone - Bad Canoes

Meta Girl - Hissy Fit

Bait And Switch - Emily’s Sassy Lime

Lake Of Gold - Death Sentence: Panda!

Casual Birth - Sister Fucker

The Third - Mansion

Sirenum Scopuli - No Babies

Lustieges Tierquartett - Lucrate Milk

The Water - Fat Transfer

Microphone Connection - Tara Cross & Unovidual

Elaborate Dummy - Portray Heads

Closed - Phew

Essay - Aunt Sally

The Devil Lives In My Husband’s Body - Pulsallama

Part Of Growing Up - The Tammys

Girl Boy - Blonde Redhead (request)

Touch - Lori & The Chameleons

End Flux - Tearist

Persian Cats - Unicorn Hard-On

Easter Bunny - Autonervous

Bath Salts - Bad News


We did a brief segment talking about coming out. Ricky Martin really helped DJ Aglossa with that apparently. Our guests read nasty sexts, Katrina from Groke (dogfrequency) called in and had the cutest moment with Maria from Ragana—- band connections are the best. We were also deciding between “Unbecoming” and “666” to do a music video for Ragana. I think we’re leaning towards Unbecoming? Still not sure, maybe we’ll post those songs later this week and YOU can help us decide.


EvrxbdxLvsaGdMxstrx - The Scissor Girls

Dado - As Mercenarias

ナース - The Nurse

Love’s a Disease - Y Pants

Handsome Young Man - Your Funeral

Lower Leg - Wetdog

Double Face - Pariapunk

Reicher Vati - Hans-a-plast

Hazey Daze - Chris & Cosey

Polyamory Anthem (Worthless) - Wizard Apprentice

The Rose - Nine Circles (request)

Suspended In Gaffa - Kate Bush

She Kissed Me And I Fell Ill - Terror Bird

I Hope You Die - Molly Nilsson

Follow You - Hot Tears

The Wayward Granddaughter - The Fiery Furnaces

Birdsongs - Macho Blush

Lambretta Does It Better - Cobra Killer

Red Hot Riding Hood - Lolita Storm

Military - Stillsuit

Moja Praznina - Tozibabe

Majesty - The Need

Ideologically Unsound - Poison Girls

Panic - The Comes

Nunca Mas - Ruidosa Inmundicia

Podrida - Permanent Ruin

Stuck - Disparate


En Mi Opinión -  Los Crudos 

Birthing - Heavy Flow


We talked to members of Ragana and Margy Pepper about their upcoming releases and tour on the east coast. Most notably Smash It Dead Fest which is probably going to rule. I read from my diary again as a precursor to the show at Menage Twat where my parents played this past friday. It had to do with language barriers and difficulties, getting asked what life means and flipping out, cultural diaspora, and magical entities. - DJ Fereshteh



Collecting Bones - Astaron

Flowers - Mugwort

Granite Grandma - Buffalo Bangers

Hear the Dogs - Dog Faced Hermans

Mindless Agression - Action Pact!

工場 - The Comes

Blind About - Trashley

Dildine - Divorce

Rivales - Las Otras

Distrust - Dark Times

Desert - Body Betrayal

Love, Alaska Young - Cerce

Telephone - Stillsuit

Marathon - Erase Errata

Pink Dollar$ - Eekum Seekum

Hostage - Generation Loss

Sanctuary - Crimson Scarlet

Mr. Sinista - Amos & Sara

Moody (Spaced Out) - ESG

Animal Rhapsody - The Raincoats

Templates - H4N4 V0M1T (or Excusess, make up yr fuggin’ mind)

$.17 - VVAQRT

Bleak Future - The Bedroom Witch

Walking - Group Rhoda

Enter - Silent Girlfriend 

Typical Illusion - Bad News

Soy La Pocha - Malportado Kids

SQ is starting to plan scream queens fest & we’re aiming for mid may, feels real soon to me but hopefully it will all work out like it did last year. In terms of the show this week - I was feeling sick so I didn’t stay very long. DJF kicked me out of the station by lighting a cigarette. She knows what happened next. 

Scream Queens Playlist 1/23/13


Vulnerability - Olivia Neutron-John

La Cloche - Lucrate Milk

Anti - L - Kebab

Eternity Seconds - Tee Vee Pop

Quirky - Kusikia

Diet - Screaming Queens

The Monster’s Salty Tears - Cacaw

Killer Incense - Sister Fucker

Heavy Sleeper - Mutators

Matter - Sharkpact

Dispos De Morte - La Misma

Sandy Bottoms - Replica

Mudlynx - Pig DNA

Sous L’Manteau Dore De La Mode - VaVa Vol

Tubes - Fat Worm of Error

Zu Jung Zu Alt - Xmal Deutschland

DJ Yung Machete guest DJd with me this night because DJF was out recording on Stillsuit’s new 10 minute song. I don’t have the list DJ Yung Machete played, but we did listen to the mixtape Crabapple made for their record fundraiser, which I heard was tons of fun. The night was nice, we shared snacks, beers and stories with friends, without the blanket of cigarette smoke that usually hangs heavy in the station.

Sometimes I think about not doing the show anymore. Sometimes I feel really self-indulgent and think it takes up more time and energy than I’d like. But the other night I met someone from providence that said they listen to our radioshow from home, and expressed how much they like what we do, and how crucial the show is to them. It was really nice to hear and reaffirming. Thank you! Thanks friends for coming out to the station, for listening, for being fucking stars.


DJF is working on a song with STILLSUIT tonight. She might make it in later in the evening so its just DJA - call in qts! 510-495-1666. Keep me company. <3

Scream Queens Playlist 01/15/13

Our Wedding - Crass

Oh Deadly Nightshade - New Bloods

Adventures Close To Home - The Raincoats

Try - Delta 5

Behave - God Is My Co-Pilot

Friendlies / Pamela + GG - U.S. Girls

Fight Or Flight - Death Sentence: Panda!

Ronny Goes To Jail - Mansion

Bass- Kusikia

Male Gynecology - Shoplifting

In Adulthood - Sleetmute Nightmute

Expendable 7 - Stag Bitten

Blind as God - +HIRS+

Reject Your Blood - Rape Revenge

Spilling Of Secrets - Body Betrayal

Motocraft - November Group

Haul_PLateoffood - VVAQRT

Interchangeable Limb Replacements - Waxy Tomb

Call The Night - Pod Blotz

Rapetech - DROMEZ

White Heat - Nic Endo

Kolme Askelta - Belaboris

Les Mannequins - Vava Vol

Free Radio Stations - SIC

No Pop - SM Nurse

Maladrone - Linea Aspera

Pernod - Malaria!


DJ Aglossa came back from crisis/hiatus, but we were both super low energy. The Haterz Club showed up, we’re thinking about making our rants into segments…ideas = SEGMENT: “I’m Working On My Shit: Stories About Anarchy Bro Failures” /// SEGMENT: “Drop Bros: Stories About Not Trying To Help A Punk Bro Crowd Surf” SEGMENT: “Shaggy’s Moment of Silence”. Let’s see if these actually work out. 


Mystery - T.I.T.S.

Parade - Daisy World

Philosophy Of The World - The Shaggs

Boys Don’t Like Me and My Puffy Shoes - Puffy Shoes

In Love With Witches - Death Sentence: Panda!

Laufen - Malaria!

Kick Your Ass - Lucrate Milk

My Body - Excusess (formerly H4N4 V0M1T)

Best of the 70s, 80s, and 90s - Tracy + The Plastics

Live Forever - Pure Magical Love

My Cur (Etiolated Mix) - VVAQRT

Another X-Mas - Geneva Jacuzzi

Secret Life Of Paradise - Alive She Died

Sigurinn - Q4U


THINK AND DIE THINKING PLAYLIST (put together with help from Jenna Marx)

Past Life - The Bedroom Witch

Apnea - S.B.S.M.

Mas Alla De La Muerte - Permanent Ruin

Invocation - Ragana

The Rain - Hot Tears

Too Little - Try The Pie

Hi Skool - Margy Pepper

Ms. Cisneros - Las Hijas De La Chingada

Godless Copless - Saint Lorena

5-6-5-6 - Stillsuit

Lose My Cool - Crabapple

Summer Fling - Bascom

(Death/Tango) - Olivia Neutron-John

Journey Of Self-Discovery In The West - Daisy World

Hakeem - Salt Flat

Head Is A Hive - Heavy Flow

I Need A Mirror - Wizard Apprentice


A lot of rad people came to the studio. Last week, scream queens favorite H4N4 V0M1T and friends visited but unfortunately that show didn’t air, which was the pre-TADT show, but at least we got to do the decompression from the fest! We talked about the importance of having intentional spaces and how think and die thinking should be a model for how shows/fests should be like. We talked about our ups and downs, and how all sorts of feelings felt nurtured by the wonderful people we were around over the weekend. There was so much more said but it’s hard to remember, it’s just a feeling I’m able to keep now and I appreciate those who got on the microphone last night.

++ We got to play Maria from Ragana’s new hardcore band too! They’re called Dead Reckoning and it’s going to be the best when they play their first show.

Then I got drunk and talked about how i hate the spice girls and how queer parties are not fun for straight t-girls like me. I’m back to being bitter but I still love my friends and what the queer/poc freaky music scene has done for me. - DJ Fereshteh

Scream Queens Playlist 12/18/13


Don’t Tell Me You Care - Crass

Ursula - Ire Adrift

Don’t Start - Punch

How To Be A Woman - Cerce

Where Do You Leave Room?- Disparate

World Problem - Spitboy

Little Ghosts - God Is My Co-Pilot

6 Years Doing Time In A Night Club - Finally Punk

I Deserve An Explanation - Negation

Paranoia Cha Cha Cha! - Soviettes

Rat Princess - Tall Girl

Winter - La Luna

IV - Perfect Pussy

Retreat, The Most Familiar - Erase Errata

Hazia - No Babies

Bonus Round - Death Sentence: Panda!

H-Man-A Psychocat - Cobra Killer

Zu Cool Für Dich - Östro 430 

Smile - Tee Vee Pop

Der Anfang - Deutscher Kaiser

Rash of Feathers - Wizard Apprentice

You Go - Olivia Neutron-John

Beschleunigung - Maria Zerfall

I See Real - November Novelet

Astralastra - Stacian

Hidden Hand - Void Vision

Rising - Uncanny Valley

Morning - Chris & Cosey


I got stoned that’s all I really remember. OH also we talked about how Sourpatch is playing their last show at the pre-show for TADT and how much we appreciate San Jose people (+other bay friends) for all their heart and care with that shit, y’all keep it real and definitely inspired us to do Scream Queens fest which we did last May (next one is probs gonna be May 2014!) 

Scream Queens Playlist 12/11/13

Voice In The Wilderness - Action Pact!

Corporate - Moral Hex

Fuck Macho Bullshit - The Castrations

Im A Cliche (x-ray spex cover) - No Fun

Alien Autopsy - Meltdown

Jöns - Diet Cokeheads

Jah For A String - Crack Und Ultra Eczema

Cool Things - No Babies

The Weakling - Negation

Cuicatl Para La Juventud - Tragatelo

Romber las Jaulas - Ruidosa Inmundicia

Deadly Repercussions - No Statik

Cerraduras - Tortura

Guerreros - Las Otras

Choke - Hard Bitch

Go Lambs Go! - Soviettes

Schizocrush - Fifth Column

Filth Queen - Saint Lorena

We See Through You - Tall Girl

(You’re My) Radio One - Henry’s Dress

Kiss & Tell - God Is My Co-Pilot

She Told Me About The Leeds Permanent Building - Lucrate Milk

In Bars - Kitchen and the Plastics Spoons

Kolme Askelta - Belaboris

Stolen Kisses - Chris & Cosey

Moths - Excusess (formerly H4N4 V0M1T)

Sand Trap - Geneva Jacuzzi

Diamond Center - Tracy + The Plastics

Mirror Loaf - Macho Blush

Into The Air - 16 Bitch Pile-Up

Lindsey - T.I.T.S. (request)

Final Disappearing Act - The Bedroom Witch (request)


We talked about our middle school AIM screen names and our online boyfriends and shit. Mine was SePpYpEpPy69 and my boyfriend was a UK pervert named SmuttySam. Does anyone remember Furcadia? Scandale! Anyway, we got so many callers, you guys are so great, always. - DJ Fereshteh